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Life is better on the water. That’s the message Discover Boating, the boating awareness campaign powered by the North American recreational boating industry, and Jake Owen will share when they team up again on tour as Owen joins Kenny Chesney’s THE BIG REVIVAL Tour.

Riding last year’s wave as presenting sponsor of Owen’s nationwide DAYS OF GOLD Tour, Discover Boating is again hitting the road with Owen to inspire fans and concertgoers to discover life on the water and share their boating stories.

“Any down time I have from touring, I spend on the water,” said Owen. “When I’m boating, I’m not thinking about anything else but that moment—it’s a feeling of freedom like no other. I want to bring this feeling to my fans and give them a look into how great life on the water is. I wouldn’t be who I am without it!”

As part of the BIG REVIVAL Tour, Owen will be performing at tour stops across the U.S. and Canada throughout the summer. Prior to Owen taking the stage, concertgoers will get a sneak peek at his “Stories of Discovery” documentary, a behind the scenes look at why boating is a meaningful part of his life and an influence on his music.

Taking the partnership online, Owen and Discover Boating will share with fans exclusive boating content from Owen via social media and DiscoverBoating.com.

“Stories of Discovery” Celebrates Life on the Water

Owen’s love of boating is captured in “Stories of Discovery,” a documentary series developed by Discover Boating. This collection of inspirational, behind the scenes videos profile real boaters and the impact boating has on their lives.

Discover Boating recently introduced two new “Stories of Discovery” videos, including that of a young female angler who found her passion for fishing and a family who cherishes time on the water together. They join Owen’s boating story, as well as the story of a wakeboarder who lives life to the fullest on his boat, even after losing his leg to cancer; a boating legacy spanning three generations; and the story of a family who credits boating with helping them stay connected and make memories. The documentaries, and other special insights from behind the scenes of these boaters’ lives, are featured on DiscoverBoating.com, as well as resources, guides and information to get started boating.

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