With an addictive pace and repeat-ready chorus, the all-new tune provides a simple excuse for quick follow up after a night out on the dance floor, with Owen hearing from his very own Lucchese boots and claiming:

My boots miss yours

From the heel down to the toe

It's like they got a hole down in their soles

Never felt like this before

My boots miss yours

What ya say we get 'em back together

Make a little trail of clothes and leather

Let 'em hang out on the bedroom floor

My boots miss yours

“It's a new year, so it's only appropriate that we put out some new music to go with it,” Owen says of the fresh track. “I've loved this song from the moment I heard it; excited to finally share it with you today.”

Listen to the soon-to-be dance hall staple, written by Blake Bollinger, Brad Clawson, and Brett Sheroky and produced by Joey Moi.